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Why Greenstreets?

  • Reduced workload for your team - you focus on what you do best
  • Accurate data - giving greater control over fee obligations
  • Assurance of compliance - we'll keep on top of regulation changes
  • Proven methodologies - your audits will be smooth and efficient
  • Business intelligence from your packaging data - gain competitive advantage

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Why our customers like us?

  • Trust - Managing Stewardship for over 300 companies globally
  • Knowledge - Deep understanding of Packaging Stewardship
  • Experience - Internationally acknowledged processes and methodologies
  • Technology - Purpose designed software to keep your data safe

How does GRIPS™ Software help?

  • Saves money for clients through more efficient processing
  • Identifies high-cost compliance items, departments or regions
  • Ensures we meet our clients' reporting deadlines and responsibilities
  • Guarantees continuity by retaining your information securely
  • Manages Packaging, Electronic, Batteries and Textiles wastes

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