Solving Your Stewardship Headaches Once and For All

Your Stewardship Partner

Greenstreets can help manage your Product Stewardship, also known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reporting, wherever you operate.

Why Greenstreets?

  • Knowledge - Deep understanding of EPR / Product Stewardship regulations
  • Trust - Managing EPR compliance for over 300 companies on 3 continents
  • Experience - Internationally acknowledged processes and methodologies
  • Technology - Purpose built software, designed and proven to keep your data safe

How can your business benefit from our services?

  • Reduced workload for your team - you focus on your core business
  • More accurate data to give you greater control over your fee obligations
  • Assurance of compliance - no time wasted on reviewing regulatory changes
  • Acknowledged methodologies ensuring smooth and efficient regulatory audits
  • Generate business intelligence from your data - use your packaging data as a competitive advantage

See how Greenstreets can solve your stewardship challenges