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Greenstreets has been working in the Extended Producer Responsibility arena since 2000. We help clients manage data for multiple EPR categories: Packaging Waste, Electronic Waste (EEE), Hazardous Waste, Battery Waste and Fashion Waste. As Producer Responsibility legislation comes online around the globe - we are here to help. 

Our primary service is the turnkey Annual EPR Reporting service. This will enable your organization to comply with local legislation that requires you to submit the previous year's packaging, electronics, battery, tire, fashion or hazardous waste sales data. Greenstreets uses a secure file transfer protocol (STFP) to ensure your data is effectively managed. We use our proprietary GRIPS™ platform to distil the required information for annual EPR reporting. Greenstreets will provide a rough timeline to your organization for data retrieval, data review and data submission in Q4 of each year so that we are working on the same schedule.

Taking it a step further, we are helping clients to comply with legislated and/or voluntary Sustainability Reporting - internal sustainability reports, Plastics Pact benchmarking, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and more. Based on your organizations needs, we will design a proposal to meet your needs.

Have something else EPR related in mind? Ask us.

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