Why Greenstreets

With a strong compliance background and GRIPS™ our software developed to manage complex data reporting matters, Greenstreets is the safe and trusted partner that can manage your entire packaging waste reporting.

GRIPS™ can help to reduce costs by identifying high-cost compliance items and significantly reduce the time taken to prepare data submissions. You are also assured of continuity in the event of key staff moving to new roles, which might otherwise leave your business exposed in terms of complying with the regulations.

  • Deep understanding of Canadian and European stewardship regulations
  • Specialist team of data analysts and consultants working together
  • Trusted by more than 300 companies across 3 continents
  • Internationally acknowledged methodologies for collecting and validating data
  • Purpose designed software to help us manage your data better
  • Keeping your data safe
  • Saving your business time and money

How does your business benefit?

  • Reduced workload means reduced costs – you focus on what’s important to you
  • More accurate data – giving greater control over your stewardship fees
  • Assurance of compliance from a single central service point
  • Acknowledged methodologies for smoother regulatory audits
  • Modern technology that can generate business intelligence from your data

Contact Greenstreets today to see how your business can save time and money.