Greenstreets specialist software GRIPS™ was specifically designed with stewardship reporting in mind and used to supplement the work of our data analysts. This allows us Greenstreets’ to offer a comprehensive and robust data reporting service.

This enables us to:

  • Quickly upload packaging specifications from clients’ ERP/MRP systems
  • Apply rules to packaging specifications, linking these to reporting criteria
  • Accurately calculate your packaging fee obligation
  • Produce compliance reports in required reporting formats
  • Provide a clear and accurate audit trail in the event of regulatory audit
  • Offer a secure storage repository for client data
  • Provide cost estimate for future budget modelling

The system also offers enhanced data analysis, enabling us to identify high-cost products, departments, regions or suppliers, as well as facilitating the data collection process, which can be slow and arduous.

GRIPS can also manage other EPR waste streams such as Electronic Waste (EEE), Waste Batteries and Textiles and additional functionality has recently has added to capture and retain sustainability reporting data such as packaging recyclability and recycled content

Why was GRIPS™ developed?

Managing data correctly is critically important for Greenstreets and a fundamental element in ensuring peace of mind for clients. Having reached the limits of other affordable technology options, a decision was taken to develop a solution specific to the needs of the company and its clients.

This played an important part in differentiating Greenstreets from other service providers as the software was designed specifically for the purpose of capturing and reporting packaging waste. This allowed Greenstreets to deliver value for money for its clients, significantly reducing the time taken to prepare accurate data submissions.