Stewardship Reporting Service

Save Time - Save Money - Operate More Sustainably

Many companies choose to outsource their stewardship reporting to specialists to help with the fulfillment of their stewardship obligations. Greenstreets offers a substantial database of packaging specifications and weights, created from more than 10 million SKUs, and over two decades of working with global clients.

That is why organizations including Saputo, Giant Tiger, and GSK place their trust in Greenstreets’ proven methodologies and purpose-designed software to ensure their data is reliably and confidentially managed. By using Greenstreets even the most knowledgeable stewardship reporting managers can save up to one-third of the time it would take them to do the same work.

How do we work?

Greenstreets will migrate your existing packaging and sales data to our purpose-designed software - GRIPS™. This is programmed to perform logic and mathematical tests on the data, which are cross-checked by experienced data analysts to ensure there are no anomalies or errors.

This data is then used to populate the data form submitted to compliance schemes. Once annual registration is complete, Greenstreets updates and maintains the client’s data securely, ensuring that it is available for future compliance reporting or if required at any stage for audit purposes. This data is also available for use by the client at any time, for example, if the client wishes to apply ecological or other metrics. Ask us how we can support your sustainable packaging strategy!

Typical Stewardship Reporting Project Outline

Data Set-up

  • The first step is to establish a data model using GRIPS™ software to assess your product portfolio and to help determine any data gaps.
  • With your agreement, we may then contact vendors or suppliers to obtain product or packaging specifications.
  • If the data is not sufficiently robust, it may be supplemented with existing similar data or by selective sampling of certain packaging and/or products.

Data Reporting

  • Once the data set-up is complete, GRIPS™ enables reports to be generated quickly and easily in the required format. All that is needed is a sales report.
  • As new products are added or if reporting requirements change, Greenstreets will update GRIPS™ with these specifications, so that your reports will always be complete and accurate.

Universal Approach

Our processes and methodologies are widely acknowledged so your business will be given the best advice for your needs regardless of where you operate.

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What services are available?

Each company has unique needs when it comes to Stewardship Reporting and that is why Greenstreets offers a number of supplementary services to help gather and verify packaging data, including:

  1. Data Sourcing: Many companies have difficulty obtaining accurate information about the packaging used for their products, especially those with multiple suppliers such as retailers. Greenstreets can help by directly contacting product or packaging suppliers on your behalf and has established collection methodologies to assist in this process.

  2. Data Validation: Greenstreets can cross-check packaging specifications with other similar data from its extensive data repository to verify weights and other criteria. In addition, product and/or packaging suppliers may be contacted to validate the weight, type, or other specifications used on the client’s products.

  3. Sampling: If critical packaging data cannot be provided by the client or supplier, Greenstreets can undertake physical weighing exercises on a range of selected clients’ packaging or products. This can also be used to determine the packaging material types used.

  4. Data Analysis: Greenstreets data specialists can perform a range of routines and checks using the capability of GRIPS™. This allows them to identify departments, suppliers, or regions that attract high obligation fees, enabling clients to apportion (or bill-back) these costs accordingly.


  1. Sustainability Reporting: You may find your stakeholders are requesting more information about the sustainability of your packaging. We can help ensure you have the information you need. Our systems are set up to collect packaging material data such as the types of polymers used. We can provide the information needed to drive forward sustainable packaging initiatives as well as provide what will likely be mandatory information in the future. Whether you're a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer we can ensure you have the sustainability data you need.

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