Skills & Experience

With a wide variety of clients in North America, UK and Europe, Greenstreets manages almost $30m of client fee obligations each year and over 600,000 tonnes of declared packaging. Clients come from almost every industry vertical, from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, clothing, electronics, logistics, distribution and retail. Their needs are matched by our team of analysts and consultants with sectoral expertise to ensure best practice methodologies and software are employed.

How Greenstreets can help

Offering a range of service options from those just starting on the compliance path, to larger retailers, manufacturers or distributors who may find reporting requirements time-consuming and tedious, Greenstreets can provide:

  • Confidential assessment and gap analysis to determine packaging obligations
  • Full Data Consulting Service, with optional sourcing and manual sampling
  • International Data Service for organisations operating beyond Canada
  • Advice on registration with compliance agencies outside of the Canada
  • Other non-packaging producer responsibility consulting - WEEE, Batteries & Textiles
  • Budgeting, forecasting and advice on optimizing fee obligations
  • Managing other aspects of environmental compliance

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