Protecting your Data

Confidentiality and Data Security

Ensuring the security of client data is a key business priority for Greenstreets, therefore industry best-practices are employed to ensure that your data is kept secure and confidential. All data is stored in a secure, monitored data centre environment within the EU, offering the highest standards of protection for your data.

Independence and Portability

Another important factor to consider is who has access to your data? Greenstreets is a privately held company, whose client data is not shared with any other organisation, without the express permission of the client.

This ensures complete autonomy and independence of the data, so in the event that a client choses to seek alternative compliance options, data remains under the client’s ownership and control – not with the Compliance Scheme.

Data Transfer and Integration

Greenstreets work with many international and multi-national companies and has developed secure pathways for the transfer of client data. Whether this requires a dedicated link to an ERP/MRP system, or just a simple data upload of Excel or CSV files, Greenstreets can facilitate.

Data is transferred securely and seamlessly to Greenstreets’ core data repository within GRIPSTM using the client’s preferred data transfer protocol, where it is retained for processing or validation. This data can then be uploaded back to the client’s Master Data repository as and when required.