Packaging Reporting - Childcare Products

The Client

Mothercare Ireland is an Irish family owned company that have been in business since 1992 and are the largest retailer of nursery and childcare products in the country and currently has 15 stores nationwide, employing approximately 275 people.

The Challenge

Mothercare Ireland wanted to improve their business processes which would lead to more accurate and verifiable Repak packaging returns in a timely manner. In addition, Mothercare wanted to reduce the internal resources required to prepare the Repak returns.

The Solution

In order to address Mothercare’s requirements, Greenstreets completed the following:

  • Audited Mothercare’s business process for preparing Repak returns;
  • Carried out sampling and weighing of packaging to improve accuracy of the returns;
  • Took over preparing bi-annual Repak returns.

Value Added

Greenstreets’ services added value to our client by:

  • Improving accuracy of packaging returns and thereby ensuring that accurate fees are paid;
  • Taking the workload away from Mothercare staff allowing them to concentrate on their core business;
  • Readily available data audit trail and methodology statement which are required during audits by Repak.