My business is obligated - What's next?

Once you've determined you are an obligated steward you must then register with the stewardship agency in the province in which you are obligated. Links to do so are provided below:

If you are reporting in any or multiple provinces including BC, MB, ON or SK you will need to submit reports through the WErecycle portal on the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance website.

Companies must submit annual reports on their packaging activities to calculate their obligation which translates into a fee to be paid.

A Company’s obligation is calculated based on;

  • the quantity and materials reported
  • the activities carried out
  • recycling costs

Obligation costs are charged by material and are based on market prices for collectiong and recycling; therefore, can fluctuate year over year. This can have large financial implications for businesses in terms of budgeting and cost, therefore it is key to ensure the data reported is accurate.

Compiling accurate data can differ for every company; it can be a cumbersome and sometimes overwhelming task. Whether you are an obligated steward reporting for the first time, or you've been reporting for many years, we'd be happy to assist you in any part of the process, from collecting packaging weights to completing your reports.

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