Methodology and Approach

Greenstreets has developed working methodologies that allow it to quickly grasp the key issues faced by its clients. Everyone knows that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work as businesses operate in different cycles with individual needs and requirements.

As a first step, a Gap Analysis is undertaken to help determine the immediate needs of the client and establish a set of core objectives.

  • This includes a wide-ranging review of any existing data such as product listings, descriptions, pack sizes, and general categories;
  • If key data are missing, Greenstreets may request authorization to contact either packaging or product suppliers to provide this.
  • Finally, we will seek product quantities or approximate percentage apportionment, to establish some measure of the work involved.

Naturally, Confidentiality Agreements are signed prior to any information being shared. Once assessed, a Commercial proposal is prepared and there is no cost to prospective clients, nor any commitment sought prior to this point in the process.

Greenstreets’ working methodologies are acknowledged by regulatory authorities in UK, France, Austria, Canada, and Australia.

Costing Methodology

Two key elements make up the bulk of the costs:

  1. Gathering and verifying Packaging Data: Workload varies widely depending on data quality and availability, as well as the degree of difficulty to obtain missing data. Some data can be provided by suppliers; alternatively, sampling methodologies can be used

  2. Preparing and (if requested) submitting data reports to Dual Systems: Once data is verified, it is loaded onto GRIPS™, which automatically sorts it, applies specific rules and reports are generated quickly. Primary cost variables are data volumes and complexity.

Greenstreets will provide a comprehensive costed proposal within 2-3 working days of all requested data having been made available.