International Environmental Compliance Services

Extended Producer Responsibility is a tool that is widely used to reduce waste, guide packaging design and to help drive the Circular Economy. Globally, many hundreds of different EPR programs exist, with new schemes being introduced and reporting requirements continuously changing. So whether this is your first step outside of Canada, or you're already a global company, we can help ensure you meet your EPR compliance obligations wherever you operate.

Multi-Country Reporting

Greenstreets offers a range of Consulting Services for Canadian companies operating in Europe, North America and Australia. These are currently managed through 4 Regional Hubs - Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany, each with its own dedicated team and supplemented by Greenstreets' extensive partner network. As well as packaging stewardship, Greenstreets also provide consulting services and advice for other waste streams including Electronic, Battery and Textile waste.

How does this work?

Our international service works in a very similar way to Canada, with GRIPS™ acting as the central data repository. Although reporting rules vary significantly between countries, packaging specifications, with some exceptions, tend to be common in most regions. As the packaging data is already retained on GRIPS™, once sales volumes are applied, reporting requirements are automatically calculated for the relevant jurisdiction and this information is held securely for future compliance reporting. We can also help identify high cost items, departments or regions as well as assisting with financial reporting or budgeting.

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