International Environmental Compliance Services

Globally there are hundreds of different Extended Producer Responsibility schemes. There are new schemes introduced, fees are updated, and reporting requirements change every year. EPR is a tool governments use to reduce waste and guide packaging design to using certain types of materials. Whether you're looking to open your first international office, or you're a truly global company, we can help ensure you're meeting your EPR compliance obligations around the globe.

Multi-Country Reporting

Greenstreets offers a range of Data Consulting Services for Canadian companies that also operate in international markets. Currently this service covers 22 countries in Europe, North America and Australia.

In addition to packaging stewardship, Greenstreets also provide consulting services for other stewardship waste streams including WEEE, Battery and Textile waste.

How does this work?

Greenstreets’ International Data Consulting offering works in a similar manner to its Canadian service, with clients’ packaging and sales data loaded onto GRIPS™. The system undertakes a series of checks on the data, which is cross-checked for errors, at which time a set of rules specific to each region are applied to the data.

Reporting rules vary significantly from one country to another, however in most cases there is a large overlap in terms of packaging specification that is common to all regions. As this data is already loaded on GRIPS™, once the sales volumes are introduced, the software then calculates what needs to be submitted to the compliance bodies in each relevant jurisdiction.

Client data is maintained securely on the system for future compliance reporting. It may also be used for other purposes such as identifying high compliance cost items, departments or regions, financial reporting, or to assist with budgeting and forecasting.

International Network

For more than a decade, Greenstreets has been developing its international business strategy to ensure that it has both consulting and audit capability across the globe.

Currently Greenstreets operates 4 Regional Hubs, each with its own dedicated team, in Canada, Ireland, UK, and Germany. These hubs are supplemented by its extensive partner network, so that clients will receive the most current advice and best practice regardless of where they operate.