Greenstreets – Your Stewardship Partner

For over 20 years Greenstreets has guided companies on the best way to manage Stewardship Reporting; this is also often referred to as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Today, we work with businesses right across the world, with the primary goal of taking the pain out of stewardship reporting and environmental compliance in a professional and cost effective way.


Founded in Dublin in the year 2000, with the vision of helping companies manage the complex reporting requirements of the EU Packaging Directive, Greenstreets’ direction and goals have changed little since then, although the company now operates in many countries and deals with more than 100 different Compliance organisations globally.

Greenstreets is as committed and passionate about what we do today as we were back then and we hope this shows in the way we work with our clients – and how they respond. We're also very proud of the fact that today, we are still providing help and guidance to our very first client.

Behind this passion and enthusiasm lies a team of highly skilled and qualified people, with over 300 years of collective experience and knowledge. We understand Stewardship and EPR and how it impacts on your business, so whether its simple, first-time advice on compliance or more complex advice on managing costs or budgeting, Greenstreets is there to help.


Simple - Greenstreets has striven to become a global leader in providing practical and cost effective advice for business, driven by an underlying philosophy that simpler is better.

Sustainable - Just because we keep things simple for clients, doesn't mean that it is simple. With its myriad rules and regulations, Sustainability sometimes seems to fly in the face of business logic.

Honest - We use straightforward language, and advanced technology to ensure our clients always operate within the regulations, whether this is for Packaging, Electronic, Battery or Textile waste.